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Plastic Perception | 塑料感知: Yi Yu, Week 14+15

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

What is Plastic Perception? | 什么是塑料感知?

Plastic Perception inherits the essential purpose of the Beth Terry’s Plastic Challenge, which is to bring consciousness to one’s usage of plastics in everyday life. In addition, Plastic Perception aims at analyzing my habit of plastic use and putting such habit into a larger context. A bigger context means anything not under my direct control. It implies asking questions such as “where does this plastic come from”, “how will the plastic be treated after going to the landfill/recycling center”, “how and why was the plastic created in the first place” etc.

Week 14 (2021/01/14-2021/01/20)

Week 15 (2021/01/21-2021/01/27)

Location | 地点: Los Angeles, California, United States

Name | 名字: Yi Yu (Stephanie)

Week | 周数: 14+15 (2021/01/14-2021/01/27)

Total weight | 总重量: 87g (wk.14) + 370g (wk.15) = 457g (16.12 oz)

Commentary of the Week | 本周评论

No comments today, just two recommended read. The first one is the short news article written by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) named “Top 10 insights in climate science in 2020”, the second one is a feature article from Atmos named "The Twilight of the Ethical Consumer".

Wrote on Jan 31, 2021

Los Angeles

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